Lore & Ed offers the most feature-rich and user-friendly survey platform. With advanced customization features, you can use GIFs, videos, emojis, and images in your questionnaire.

Question Types Supported

Single Choice
Multiple Choice
Open-Ended Text
File Upload
Rating Scale

Mobile-view Customizer

As more and more people are using their mobile devices for everything, it is important to optimize content for mobile. The programme comes with a powerful mobile-view customizer. You can create a completely different style for your mobile users.

Branching Logic

Using branching logic, you can create intelligent surveys where the next question the participants see is dependent on their response to the previous one.

Weighted Questions

A scoring assessment even allows you to deduct points from the answers if one gets them wrong. The program will automatically tally up the points depending on the answer options that have been chosen and map the points to the appropriate result based on the score.

GDPR Support

It is possible to configure the application to show GDPR terms to users who are located in GDPR countries. Following the activation of GDPR, you may add GDPR conditions to your opt-in form. It will only be shown to those who meet the requirements of the GDPR.

Category-level Calculations

The platform provides support for question categories as well as computations at the category level. Each question in your survey may be assigned to one of many categories. In addition to totals at the general level, it will compute and show breakdowns at the category level as well.

Analytics / Reports

It includes statistics and infographics that will show you how many people selected a particular response option, the most popular choice, and what your prospects are not interested in, among other things.

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